Tires with 3 years warranty.

Driving in accordance with the law or security?

If the law requires that the grooves must have a minimum depth of 1.6mm, know already that below 2mm, the tire does not properly fulfill its function, in particular as regards the release of water. The braking distance increases and the road behavior becomes uncertain.

What is the balancing?

This operation allows you to move away from vibration (vibration you feel on the steering wheel). A perfect balancing translates into a lack of vibrations and prevents premature wear of the bearings and shock absorbers of the front axle

Read the future of their safety from your tires!

Rolling band flanks wear:
The tire has little pressure, there is a risk of overheating and bursting.

Sharp wear to center:
The tire has too much pressure, so the road behavior is compromised.

Asymmetrical wear on one side of the tire:
Front axle poorly regulated. The car does not maintain the trajectory and deflects to the left or to the right.

Fast and irregular wear:
Either the geometry is misaligned, or the buffers are worn, or the tires have little pressure.

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