What is it?

LPG Auto is the use of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as motor fuel.


Liquefied petroleum gas is obtained from petroleum distillation, the last of the products that are obtained from refining, which determines that in jargon to say that is the last to exit the refinery chimney.

An “Auto” means that it is a fuel that can be used as fuel, usually replacing petrol. A vehicle powered LPG Auto has a mixed system of carburization (LPG Auto and other fuel).


For use as a propellant fuel, the mixture of propane and butane is carried out in varying proportions, so that the octane rating is always higher than 89 MON. (Portuguese Law – Order No. 8197/97 Sep 97.). The butane and propane are pressurized to 2 and 7 bar respectively, so liquefazerem up (passing from the gaseous to the liquid).

As fuel for internal combustion engines, it is used in gaseous state thereby allowing an excellent mixing with the oxidant (oxygen) and thus better combustion without highly aggressive to the environment, as this releases to carbon dioxide atmosphere ( C02), water (H20) and a small percentage of carbon monoxide (CO).

This fuel does not require additives to give it a better quality being the only additive, ethyl mercaptan, which acts as odorant, giving it an unpleasant smell that allows easy identification in case of leak or spill.

It contains no lead or impurities, and has a very low sulfur content (parts per million).

Due to a mixture of air and perfectly homogeneous fuel, the combustion engine is carried out by more complete and uniform.

Its calorific value is also higher.

LPG Auto also facilitates the operation of the engine cold and provides a work smoother and quieter;

In LPG Auto, octane (octane number) is higher (LPG Auto about 100 octane, gasoline Super 98 octane, gasoline Super 95 octane), which prevents the occurrence of knock, improving performance and extending engine life ;

Why not give deposits in the combustion chamber, the valves and candles, LPG Auto contributes to the preservation of the engine.

The supply becomes cleaner because there is no leakage (the quantity of product escaping upon withdrawal of the pistol is extremely small and volatile).

The life of the vehicle’s engine will benefit from its repeated use, in particular by the absence of acids (sulfur), abnormal formation of carbon and further diluted fuel in the engine oil.

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