Escova Limpa Vidros
Escova Limpa Vidros

Glass Cleaning Brushes

Any car with a windscreen must have a cleaning system to function properly, with wiper blades that provide good visibility for the driver.

Good visibility is essential, so it should replace the brushes annually.

The wiper blades should be replaced when:

some parts inside the windscreen field of vision are not properly cleaned;

leave a mist that moves slowly;

the rubber strips are loose;

rubber strips are damaged.

The ANWB independent entity demonstrated that the wiper blades Bosch Aerotwin offer the best performance in wet conditions. Our AutoCrew professionals can check your wiper blades are in good condition and can recommend the best model of brushes for your car..

Deixam uma névoa que se move lentamente;

As tiras de borracha estão soltas;

As tiras de borracha estão danificadas.

A entidade independente ANWB demonstrou que as escovas limpa-vidros Bosch Aerotwin oferecem o melhor desempenho em condições de chuva. Os nossos profissionais AutoCrew podem verificar se as suas escovas limpa-vidros estão em boas condições e podem recomendar o melhor modelo de escovas para o seu automóvel.

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