Habit is the greatest risk to their safety.

Except the rupture of a flexible brake system never fails abruptly. Has become progressively deteriorating, so that we do not realize.

Become accustomed to lock each time with a little more intensity, to compensate for a lateral shift, vibrations, and even the noise.

So all this should serve you alert, because therein lies the real danger. To circulate rested, the JV Car Service offers you a complete diagnosis of your braking system.


Current ABS is an electronic system using sensors, controls the rotation of each wheel and compares it with the car speed.

In situations of everyday braking, the ABS is not activated. When the wheel speed drops a lot in relation to the car, or on the verge of stopping, the system sends signals to the valves and pump the brake oil system to relieve pressure.

This operation causes a vibration when “step back” on the brake pedal, which should be considered by the driver as normal system operation.


To regularly inspect the brakes:

Increase your safety and that of those who go with the car.

Confirms that the Automobile has a safe and reliable braking.

Know the level of wear and the state of the various components.

Replace only the necessary components.

Avoids costly repairs.


Brake diagnosis.

Tablets replacement.

Hand brake tuning.

Replacing the Net Brake.

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